University Committees


The Senate

The Senate is the most important body of the central academic self-administration at the University of Göttingen. Representatives of all status groups, i.e. professors, academic staff, administrative and technical staff (MTV) as well as students, together make fundamental decisions on university strategy in research, teaching and studies. Currently, Anika Bittner represents the ADF in the Senate and thus stands up for your interests.

In January, John F. Brüne and other ADF members are running on the Senate list "ADF - Arbeitgemeinschaft Demokratischer Fachschaftsmitglieder".


The Student Parliament (StuPa)

The StuPa is the democratically legitimising body of the central student self-administration. It decides on the student budget and the regulations of the student body. The StuPa also elects the General Student Council (AStA), which represents all students internally and externally.

You can vote for us on the list "ADF - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Demokratischer Fachschaftsmitglieder".


The Faculty Council (FakRat)

All members of the faculty (students, professor, MTV, academic staff) elect the Faculty Council every two years, which is the decision-making body of academic self-administration at faculty level. The Faculty Council elects the Dean, Dean of Studies and Dean of Research. We optimise the study and learning conditions at the faculties, in particular through the commissions (StuKo, FiKo, etc.) that work with the FakRat, in which students are directly involved in the development of new projects.

At the faculties, we are represented by the ADF through our student representative groups (ADW, DAF, UL, ADP, DAS) and other independent members. Support them with your vote!


The Student Representative Parliament (FSP)

The student representative parliament is the legitimising body of student self-administration at the faculties and elects students to the student representative council, which offers you various services and events related to your studies. The FSP also decides on the student council's budget. Therefore, this student body is of central importance for the student council work at your faculties, which our student representative groups implement.


The International Student Parliament (ASP)

The ASP is the decision-making body of the International Student Body and, together with the International Student Council (ASR), has the central task of representing the international students at our university. The ASP has a total of 13 seats and elects the ASR at the first meeting of the legislature, which must consist of at least one speaker and one financial officer. Furthermore, the ASP decides on the budget, i.e. which budget the ASR will receive for projects during its term of office. 

You can vote for us on the list "ADF - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Demokratischer Fachschaftsmitglieder".